John Fong Custom Footwear
& Leather Co

John Fong Leather Company was founded in 1976 first by making soft leather pouches, baby booties, purses, and backpacks. We then moved on to making custom shoes, boots, and belts. Soon after 1991, we've expanded the business in selling exotic leathers such as farm raised alligators, ostriches, and lizards. With 30 years of experience as craftsman and exotic skins supplier, we will gladly supply all your leather needs.



John Fong Leather Co
1610 Hyde Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 441-3519
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Custom Made To Order Leather Goods, Custom Fitted Moccasins Boots & Shoes, Custom Alligator Belts To Your Buckle Sets, Back Pack Briefcase Luggage, Supplies For The Crafts Person, Largest Selection On Exotic Skins, Repairs On All Leather Goods

Exotic Leathers

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